Taurus 3D travelled to South India in November and printed prosthetics for local amputees! Check out our teaser footage below!


Taurus 3D provides a variety of services with a focus on leveraging 3D printing to drive medical innovation around the world.


To learn more about our services or request a prosthetic device, click through the images below!

Custom Prosthetics

We provide Southwestern Ontario with low-cost, custom 3D printed prosthetic hands. Our patients are connected with trained clinicians and undergo a thorough follow-up process to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Training services

We train prosthetic, orthotic, and rehab clinics on how to use additive manufacturing and scanning in order to expand their clinics treatment capabilities.

design and prototyping 

We have been designing and prototyping mechanical devices for medical professionals for over three years.

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Taurus 3D is Headed to India

In late 2016, Taurus 3D was awarded first place at the World Vision Social Innovation Design Challenge for our 3D printed prosthetics education and training program. Since then, we have been working with other local professionals to produce a comprehensive package web-based platform that will enable clinics around the world to provide 3D printed prosthetics for their patients. 

The launch of this project is scheduled for November 2017. Our team will be heading to Amar Seva Sangam to train local clinicians on additive technologies and provide them with the machines, tools, and skills necessary to create a sustainable solution for local amputees. 

We are currently accepting sponsorships and donations via Handi-care International, a Canadian non-profit organization. Each 40$ donation provides one prosthetic hand for local amputees in the Southern India region we are heading to! 

If you would like to learn more and help support our India Project, please click the link below!

Note: All donations of 20$ or more receive a tax receipt!